Le Pareti di San Lorenzo

Trans: The Walls of Saint Lawrence If, as a significant proportion of we tourists do, you head from the fountain, opera house and economic muscle of Piazza Ferrari down towards the old port, there's a reasonable chance that you'll pass the Cathedral of San Lorenzo along the way as Via San Lorenzo is the widest … Continue reading Le Pareti di San Lorenzo


Decay (Habana 14)

Readers of some of my posts about Venice may recall that one of the things I love about Italy is the crumbly, flaky, rusty, textural quality of the buildings there, buildings that have that weathered exteriors but, being Italian, often very stylish interiors. Havana presented me with a different sort of decay.  Weathered?  Almost certainly, … Continue reading Decay (Habana 14)

Texture (Venezia 36)

Before we left I warned J that I'd probably be photographing a lot of random features during our trip. "Like what?" She asked. "Oh you know, walls, doors, paving, plaster.  That sort of stuff." I wanted them to use as textures, overlaid layers in Photoshop that can bring colour and contrast to images in new ways.  (Check … Continue reading Texture (Venezia 36)