Lacking Inspiration

I've been less than kind about my home town of Sunderland's attempts at public art and architecture, though the posts were so long ago that I feel safe in raising the issue again, because the town's decision makers just keep doing it again. The Millennium may seem a long time ago now, but it was … Continue reading Lacking Inspiration



On my short exploration of the parts of England that I don't usually reach I eventually arrived at Hackney, and Sutton House.  Now Hackney is not just a place-name, without the capitalisation it is defined here as Middle English: probably from Hackney in East London, where horses were pastured. The term originally denoted an ordinary riding … Continue reading Hackneyed?

4 Funerals, No Wedding

When I was in Essex my friend Bee suggested a visit to West Thurrock.  Not my usual sort of territory for image hunting, West Thurrock's position on the Thames means it is dominated by industries taking advantage of the riverside for the loading and unloading of raw materials and finished products.  The power station and … Continue reading 4 Funerals, No Wedding

From Liverpool to Liverpool Street

The juxtaposition was unintended when I shot these images, but having written about the problems of a scheme to transform the Liverpool skyline with shiny skyscrapers, I have a set of images that I captured outside Liverpool Street Station in London... of shiny skyscrapers. There was one in particular that I came to shoot; the … Continue reading From Liverpool to Liverpool Street

A Little Wren

The origin's of the playground round "London's Burning" are unclear; it seems to pre-date the Great Fire that swept the city in 1666, and the city had form when it came to conflagrations.  The Roman town of Londinium was burnt down twice (most notably by Boudicca), and shortly after William the Conqueror's invasion it was … Continue reading A Little Wren

Multi-cultural Part 2

Note - although published 15th July, this post was written before the dreadful Bastille Day attack in Nice.  I've no wish to make political points based on that tragedy so have left the post unchanged.  I'm sure those on both sides of the argument about our relationship with Europe will find justification for their views … Continue reading Multi-cultural Part 2

Multi-cultural Part 1

This may seem like a completely innocuous piece of railing and yet on encountering it recently it stirred a flood of memories from almost 35 years ago.  Here I stood for hours on a hot summer's day, while parents and other relatives operated in shifts to keep me company and supply me with food and … Continue reading Multi-cultural Part 1