A Dying Breed?

There have been a couple of recent reports in the media that resonated with me due to a set of pictures I took on my recent travels in Liverpool. The first related to a threatened withdrawal of the city's UNESCO world heritage status.  The international organisation usually describes sites as at risk when they are … Continue reading A Dying Breed?


Hope Street

It might seem a little greedy to have not one, but two cathedrals that are each architectural masterpieces in the same city, but Liverpool takes it further by siting them on the same street with just half a mile between them. Technically the Anglican building's address is St James' Mount, but head south on Hope … Continue reading Hope Street

Referenced in Song

I've some things in common with Tony Corbell, the award-winning photographer. We both shoot with Canon, we're both heavily involved with training and photography; it's just that for him the latter is his main wage earner and the former is something he believes in very strongly; sharing knowledge and experience. Those roles are reversed for … Continue reading Referenced in Song

Aint it Grand?

Just a short post to reflect a flying visit made to Merseyside this week.  I might not have taken any pictures at all were it not for the fact that my hotel was within the grounds of a legendary Liverpool landmark. As you might expect from a site where huge sums of cash change hands, … Continue reading Aint it Grand?

Think Before You Speke

My usual base of operations in the Widnes area being fully booked, I found accommodation a little further afield on the fringes of Liverpool's John Lennon airport, whose signage manages to borrow a line from Imagine without being completely cheesy (though I did have to remove the street lights from the picture to give truth to … Continue reading Think Before You Speke

Fabulous Four And Graces Three

In my short(!) life I've seen some major changes affect Northern England's largest city. Perhaps "seen" isn't wholly accurate, because I'd barely spent anytime in Liverpool before this year, so the changes I have witnessed have presented, and therefore filtered, through the national media. In my early years Liverpool was synonymous with the mop tops … Continue reading Fabulous Four And Graces Three

What to do when there’s nothing to do!

The Digital Photography School is a website dedicated to providing articles that support the development of skills in the field of digital photography, and whether your interest is in equipment advice and reviews, learning some post production techniques or improving your photography, be it portrait, landscape, street, architectural, pets or more. I receive an email … Continue reading What to do when there’s nothing to do!