Money Prevailed.

Just a few kilometres from Stourhead is the historic village of Maiden Bradley; a quiet and unassuming place that many pass through on their way to the Stourhead estate.  Here in 1617 was born Edmund Ludlow into a line of politicians.  Like his father Henry, Ludlow was a strong advocate of parliament, but also a … Continue reading Money Prevailed.


Things Ancient & Modern

Hymns Ancient & Modern was the name of the hymn book I sang from in my chorister days, so-called because the 500 plus songs it held included traditional (though hardly ancient) and more contemporary melodies.  It occurred to me while I was in Ripon Cathedral that the descriptor was perhaps more appropriately applied to the … Continue reading Things Ancient & Modern

Wooden It Be Nice

Of the two churches I visited in Manchester, it seemed right to begin with St Ann's as archaeological evidence suggests that the first church to be built in Manchester was erected near that site though it was destroyed by vikings in the 10th Century. That said my second church can also point to Anglo-Saxon origins as … Continue reading Wooden It Be Nice

Clumber Parky

Another road trip. Another refreshment break courtesy of the National Trust. Clumber Park was established as a deer park at the beginning of the 18th Century, a fenced of area for the local gentry to go hunting, though over the years the hunting lodge was developed to become the manor house of the Dukes of … Continue reading Clumber Parky

Wimpole Within

That's where Wimpole's real treats are to be found; at least to my eye. Perhaps it was the conditions outside, but I think the design of the interior should claim the credit, because this building had some of the most gorgeous light that I've encountered since the nude and lingerie shoot in Northumberland a couple … Continue reading Wimpole Within


The light is fading, the pier is closed, the holidaymakers left days ago. Even the gulls' fight for the day's leftovers seems lethargic So what are you going to do to find a picture when you have only an hour to spare in Southend? It may be the world's longest pier, but denied access to … Continue reading Sarfend

Red Hill Resonance (Venezia 4)

As we flew to Venice from Stansted we passed Markham Moor on the A1, a location notable for a derelict petrol station with a large winged concrete canopy that reminded J of the Sydney Opera House.  It is one of two 1960's petrol station canopies that have listed status in the UK, the other, at Red Hill … Continue reading Red Hill Resonance (Venezia 4)