Redemption (SOS)

Christians believe that Jesus redeemed the world from sin by sacrificing himself for the sake of all humanity, and yes before I get picked apart by theologians I know that's a simplistic explanation!  Nevertheless the message of redemption is an important one - the largest Christian statue in the world is called Christ the Redeemer … Continue reading Redemption (SOS)


L’illusione della Luce (Venezia 159)

The Illusion of Light was part of the exhibit at Palazzo Grassi that inspired me to consider this project, but in this city it's so much more than that; it's the dappled patterns reflecting on coloured plaster, the morphing reflections on the surface of the canals, and as here, the twinkling of sunbeams from across … Continue reading L’illusione della Luce (Venezia 159)

Flow (Venezia 60)

Light is often described in the same terms as water; it floods into a room, pours through cracks, travels in waves. A city like Venice blurs the boundaries further where the undulating water directs highlights, deepens shadows, mirrors images. At the Illusion of Light exhibition one of the works that appealed to me combined both … Continue reading Flow (Venezia 60)

Buona Notte (Venezia 34)

I'm told that you have to see Venice at night.  The architectural splendour takes on a new character when illuminated against inky indigo skies, the streetlights twinkle from canal reflections, the darkened alleys take on a new air of mystery. I'm told you have to see it, but being resident on the Lido I never … Continue reading Buona Notte (Venezia 34)


As we adjust to the darker evenings it's time once again for the Durham Lumiere Festival.  Last here two years ago, it caused a lot of controversy last time because of the sheer numbers of people cramming themselves sardine-like onto the tiny peninsula that forms the heart of the city.  The time it took to … Continue reading Radiance

Torch Song

For those expecting a piece about the unbearable pain of unrequited love, or the emotionally charged album recorded by Carly Simon as the end of her marriage to James Taylor loomed into view, I'm sorry.  I could easily turn my hand to either task but this is a tale of lost light not lost love. … Continue reading Torch Song

“and all the pieces matter”*

I've written recently about trying to get a greater level of luminosity into some of my pictures, to create images that are soft and beautiful, and finally I've cracked it. Not without help I must add, but nevertheless I shot some pictures yesterday that I'm really happy with. I've had a friend called Zara on … Continue reading “and all the pieces matter”*