Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

...was my favourite artistic experience of my recent trip to Rome, where a Hokusai exhibit was consigned to the basement gallery of the Ara Pacis museum.  Apologies if you've arrived here expecting some new insights into Japanese woodblock printing; I chose the title because I was constantly reminded of the collection as I drove around … Continue reading Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji


Industrial Heartland

The stereotype applied by other North Eastern tribes to people from Teesside is that they are "smog monsters" or "smoggies", and when you look at the forests of pipes, chimneys, and cooling towers at the refineries and chemical works that lie to the north at Billingham and the south of the river at Wilton, and … Continue reading Industrial Heartland

Putting On Extra Layers

My first encounter with a camera obscura was in 1972. I, like many others of my age, was addicted to a children's TV drama that ran throughout that summer called, appropriately enough, The Long Chase.  Time seems to pass more slowly in the halcyon days of youth, and so a serial comprising 13 weekly episodes was … Continue reading Putting On Extra Layers