Acqua (Venezia 131) everything was a trick of the light, an endlessly shifting play of appearances without form or substance. Michael Dibdin - Dead Lagoon Sooner or later you have to turn your attention to the water.  It is the city's defining feature, elementally adding to sights and sounds in ways that are unique, for what other … Continue reading Acqua (Venezia 131)


Wood you believe it? (Venezia 31)

It's the stones that grab the limelight.  The mosaics, the marble, the bricks, the stucco.  They all vie for your attention, but it's wood that makes Venice. Not just in the way-markers showing the safe routes across the lagoon, nor in the construction of its gondolas, not in the jetties or the innumerable mooring posts … Continue reading Wood you believe it? (Venezia 31)


U2 – Beautiful Day Sometimes everything comes together perfectly. There isn't a breath of wind.  The sand is soft and warm beneath your feet. The sea is calm and mirrors a sky full of interesting but unthreatening clouds. There are people silhouetted against the backlighting, fishing from the shore whilst others head out further in … Continue reading Beautiful

Shy bairns…*

Whilst out on Friday, I had a bit of role reversal; I was setting up my tripod to shoot some slow shutter shots of the sea lapping at the foot of the promenade steps, when a softly spoken Irishman approached me to request one or two of my pictures. Wesley had no way of knowing … Continue reading Shy bairns…*

Sea of Tranquility

On the 22nd May 2009 I was on my way home when a flash of red down by the shore caught my eye.  I parked my car and grabbing the Olympus that I was using in those days went to explore further. What I found when I reached the small lagoon of Whitburn Steel was … Continue reading Sea of Tranquility