Onto The Pub?

Having completely traversed North Yorkshire on my New Year's Day excursion I slipped across the border into Cumbria for my final destination, my plan being to photograph two aspects of the town where I was headed and then find a cosy pub recharge my batteries in before beginning the return trip.  I made my way … Continue reading Onto The Pub?


Prophetable (Venezia 175)

I've mentioned San Moisè (St Moses) before; it's the church so hated by Ruskin and which features those dubious camels amongst the abundant decoration of the façade. There had been a church on this site for over 800 years before the Renaissance rebuilding of 1632 which reportedly cost 30,000 ducats.  Now I'm not up on … Continue reading Prophetable (Venezia 175)

Buon Natale (Venezia 147)

For a posting on Christmas Day, it seemed appropriate to use one of the city's greatest churches; Santa Maria della Salute.  The Church that was built in thanks for salvation from the plague. Even a hater of Baroque like Ruskin was obliged to comment in her favour, describing the facade as "rich and beautiful".  Just as … Continue reading Buon Natale (Venezia 147)