Portico Quartet

Some years ago I came across the music of Jack Wylie, Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Nick Mulvey; a modern jazz sound which was given an exotic touch by Mulvey's choice of instrument - the hang.  Together they were known as The Portico Quartet until Mulvey (and then his replacement Keir Vine) left the band. … Continue reading Portico Quartet


Bologna Jazz

I mentioned in an earlier post the origins of the Portico Quartet's name, and really where else could they have been to acquire that moniker, for apart from the city's architectural signature it has hosted an annual jazz festival since 1958, making it even older than me! The city loves jazz.  On the Sunday that … Continue reading Bologna Jazz

Power Trio

All the swapping of lenses that I undertook in Havana wasn't really recommended for the health of my camera sensor, especially on the dry days when there was so much dust around that even the swiftest of changeovers was bound to let some of the stuff into the body of my Canon. Most of it … Continue reading Power Trio

Black and White Notes

When I was younger there was a popular TV series starring James Bolam and Barbara Flynn called The Beiderbecke Affair  which dealt with a mystery relating to the theft of a collection of records by Bix Beiderbecke.  I had no idea at that time that Beiderbecke was a real and very significant jazz cornetist and … Continue reading Black and White Notes

I Fall in Love Too Easily

I don't know where I acquired it or who shared it with me, but I have a piece of music in my library with an album reference USSM10405195 that lasts 6.19 minutes and purports to be "I fall in love too easily" by Miles Davis.  I say purports to be because, although the underlying metadata … Continue reading I Fall in Love Too Easily

Coincidence or Something Subliminal?

Having photographed a number of waves yesterday, and chosen a surfer for my portrait I wanted an appropriate title.  Soft Cell's "Say Hello and Wave Goodbye" was playing on my mind for some time, but even the most tenuous links to my pictures weren't happening for me, so I ended up with a song by … Continue reading Coincidence or Something Subliminal?

Like Midas in a Polyester Suit

The consequence of listening to, and writing about, Joni Mitchell's Mingus yesterday is that today I have had The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines to deal with.  Not in the sense of a problematic domestic service provider, but in the sense of the song becoming an earworm. Joni Mitchell – The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines … Continue reading Like Midas in a Polyester Suit