With a Pinch of Salt?

William Blake's poem that questions whether there is any truth to the legends that Jesus Christ once came to England refers to England's dark Satanic mills, and though there are conflicting interpretations, many take the literal option that this refers to the fruits of the industrial revolution. Bradford was a fertile ground for the mills to … Continue reading With a Pinch of Salt?


Mancunian Magnificence

Back in Manchester, and time to turn my attention away from Salford Quays to the city proper, but what should be my subject? For a historic city, Manchester is missing a vital ingredient.  A castle.  The chester suffix derives from there being a Roman fortification here, but visit Castlefields and there is no trace of a … Continue reading Mancunian Magnificence

Peace at Last

A town with Roman origins that developed through Saxon settlement into a medieval market town with an important textile trade.  There are several places that come to mind but I suspect the places that come to mind don't include my destination this week. Perhaps its Palladian Town Hall, rated by Pevsner as the finest late … Continue reading Peace at Last