All About Eve

My eldest daughter Megan is soon to being her final year at university; nine months of gestation leading to an outcome whose ripples will affect the rest of her life.  Whatever the outcome, I'm very proud of this  young lady, and have every confidence that she will rise to life's challenges.  Being a woman, she … Continue reading All About Eve


And did those feet…

I read with interest this week that Wales lags only slightly behind the USA in terms of the levels of obesity in the population, and at first assumed that the rest of the UK must therefore be in a similar predicament, but discovered that in England at least the NHS is prepared to intervene sooner … Continue reading And did those feet…

Come inside, the show’s about to start

The roadside parking along the sea front has been claimed by mobile home owners claiming the best seats in the house in good time. The static exhibits are already drawing attention. There is plenty of junk to part tourists from their money. Plans are in place. The champagne is on ice... ...and the stage is … Continue reading Come inside, the show’s about to start