Ice Cream (Habana 29)

Just over the road from the Habana Libre hotel is a square of parkland with something mysterious at its heart. Painted bright blue, it's concrete form is shrouded in lush greenery so that you rarely catch sight of more than a hint at its shape.  It has mysterious presence akin to the crash site of … Continue reading Ice Cream (Habana 29)


Waffle (Venezia 256)

Until the end of the 19th Century, it was common for street ice-cream vendors to see their wares in a small glass which became known in both the UK and the US as a "penny lick", so called because of the price paid for such a serving and the manner in which it was consumed.  … Continue reading Waffle (Venezia 256)

Doing the White thing (Venezia 85)

Probably the best gelato in the world... wasn't to be found in Venice.  (Sergio Dondoli's creations in San Gimignano are the pinnacle of gelateria artistry; his passion for his product is there for all to taste.)  There is plenty of gelato about in the City of Canals; every bar and café has a display in their window … Continue reading Doing the White thing (Venezia 85)

Gelato (Venezia 66)

It even sounds nicer than ice-cream doesn't it.  Draw out that second syllable like a long adoring lick of this delectable diet-buster. Wikipedia proclaims that gelato is the Italian word for ice-cream.  NO!!!!! It's not the same at all.  Gelato is churned more slowly, introducing less air into the product and therefore producing a more dense … Continue reading Gelato (Venezia 66)

Forces of Nature

With just half an hour to spare between appointments today I wasn't sure what I might inspire me to write. Arriving at Roker's Cat & Dog Steps my eye was caught by some pooling water, gathered in depressions sculpted by movements of the passing tides.  The sand around them, swept into ripples by the same … Continue reading Forces of Nature


Too late in the day to find many people to photograph on the beach, although there seems to be a busload of overweight female joggers strung out along the cliff tops. Post Great North Run stretching? Doesn't feel likely, and no sign of Kiprotich! I head further south to the road above the Marina, where … Continue reading BOGOF

Roker Requiem

Summer is over, at least in astrological terms, and from the perspective of those who have returned to school, so seaside resorts take on a different character.  There's an air of sadness and resignation about the place as people come to terms with the heatwave that didn't happen again this year, and the days that … Continue reading Roker Requiem