On The Streets With No Names*

Inspiration comes from many sources; the sculpture in my last post has been nagging at me to photograph it for months, and I'd thought that was it for this blog entries this week.  Then, when I was waiting at the hairdressers this morning, a surprise came my way.  I'd replied to a couple of txt … Continue reading On The Streets With No Names*


You Only Bake Twice

Britain has taken baking to its heart again, a fact due in no small part to the phenomenal success of The Great British Bake Off presented by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.  Mary Berry has been synonymous  with baking for decades but Hollywood has come from seemingly from nowhere to become a TV "personality"; granted his … Continue reading You Only Bake Twice

Black and White Notes

When I was younger there was a popular TV series starring James Bolam and Barbara Flynn called The Beiderbecke Affair  which dealt with a mystery relating to the theft of a collection of records by Bix Beiderbecke.  I had no idea at that time that Beiderbecke was a real and very significant jazz cornetist and … Continue reading Black and White Notes

Back in the jug agane*

  When I finished my stint as a part-time tutor in July, it was in the expectation that I would be returning to the college this month in a full-time role and beginning formal teacher training.  Well as it turns out that will be one road not travelled - the full-time role evaporated in budget … Continue reading Back in the jug agane*

Grin twins

It's about 16 years since my youngest daughter Holly was baptised, and for the most part all went well; parents and god parents said their piece, the baptismal waters weren't to cold for Holly's liking, and the priestly double act of Ken and Jen created a memorable service (unless you're Holly!). There was one slight … Continue reading Grin twins

It’s a family affair…

Holly and I met an interesting man in the supermarket this morning.  Unusually we were the one's on the receiving end of a conversation about photography. The man who began it had spotted the Canon slung over my shoulder and began by asking about the model, telling me that his wife (who had wandered on, … Continue reading It’s a family affair…

A Fistful of Shrapnel

As you can imagine I get some varied responses when I ask people for a picture, but at the weekend I had a first.  A tanned man with a well lined face glowering under a beany initially refused point-blank with a "Picture of me?  What would I want to let you do that for?", but … Continue reading A Fistful of Shrapnel