All Greek to Me

Of the various places that I stayed on my tour of Sicily it would be fair to say that Siracusa was my favourite.  It had an unfair advantage in providing me some of the best weather of my trip but there were far more reasons that the temperature for my response to the city.  Perhaps … Continue reading All Greek to Me


Revisiting the Past

The last morning in Rome of my honeymoon was spent in Santa Maria Maggiore (due to its proximity to our hotel) and then, to kill time until we had to leave, people watching from the steps outside. The memory is one that has long outlasted the marriage, but coincidentally I spent my last morning in … Continue reading Revisiting the Past

Voce del Popolo

In the current climate where #metoo and #blacklivesmatter seem to be heralding real change there are some interesting debates about historic artworks; either because they represent people or events that are now seen as offensive or because the behaviour of their creators has been equally unacceptable.  Consequently we have seen calls for Confederate statues to … Continue reading Voce del Popolo

Dark Times

Perhaps I was suffering from a degree of geographic confusion arising from the sea being to my west rather than my beloved east coast, though more likely it was the mental clouding arising from having been made redundant from my training job less than an hour previously, but in either event my usual sense of … Continue reading Dark Times

Sex Tourist?

Let me just be clear. I'm not a paedophile or any other seeker after illicit sexual gratification in countries with lesser legal or moral codes.  Even if I were, the present parlous state of my employment would have ruled out such extravagance (all offers for photography, training or Organisational Development considered!) which is why I … Continue reading Sex Tourist?

Multi-cultural Part 1

This may seem like a completely innocuous piece of railing and yet on encountering it recently it stirred a flood of memories from almost 35 years ago.  Here I stood for hours on a hot summer's day, while parents and other relatives operated in shifts to keep me company and supply me with food and … Continue reading Multi-cultural Part 1

Reduced Circumstances

Driving through some of the nicer villages of Northamptonshire I came upon a small church on a bend in the road, a small church with no apparent congregation.  Yes there were some buildings nearby, but nothing you call a settlement. This in itself if perhaps not so remarkable; I've encountered churches before where the surrounding … Continue reading Reduced Circumstances