Buon Natale (Venezia 147)

For a posting on Christmas Day, it seemed appropriate to use one of the city's greatest churches; Santa Maria della Salute.  The Church that was built in thanks for salvation from the plague. Even a hater of Baroque like Ruskin was obliged to comment in her favour, describing the facade as "rich and beautiful".  Just as … Continue reading Buon Natale (Venezia 147)


You’re not fooling anybody (Venezia 137)

In the UK if you wish to describe something as never-ending, you might say "It's like painting the Forth Bridge" (Not the road bridge or its pending replacement, but the magnificent steel network that is the rail bridge). The point of the saying is that it takes so long to complete the job, that by … Continue reading You’re not fooling anybody (Venezia 137)

Misinformed (Venezia 121)

Somewhere in my life I'd come to believe that the wooden bridge at Accademia was constructed without nails and confidently shared this impressive fact with others.  When I looked more closely it's certainly full of bolts, so I'm sure that the "fact" is anything but. Now where did that mistake arise?  A quick google reveals … Continue reading Misinformed (Venezia 121)

Traghetto (Venezia 71)

Without a season ticket, a single vaporetto journey will cost €7 whether just a stop or two, or all the way along the Grand Canal and across the lagoon to Lido.  Whether this is good value to you will be governed by how much you observe along the way but compared to the €80 cost of … Continue reading Traghetto (Venezia 71)

Canalazzo (Venezia 22)

Arguably the world's most beautiful thoroughfare, it would be wrong of me not to say something about the Grand Canal.  An inverted "S" that snakes its way between the six districts (sestiere) of the city, it is easy to think of it as a river rather than a stretch of sea water, it is both … Continue reading Canalazzo (Venezia 22)

Ponteless? (Venezia 19)

In 2007 the Grand Canal gained another crossing point.   The Rialto Bridge is the most famous, Accademia beloved by Venetians, Ponte degli Scalzi is a beautiful demonstration of how stonework can be both strong and slender.  And then there is the Ponte della Costituzione.  Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava the bridge has been … Continue reading Ponteless? (Venezia 19)

Uniformity (Venezia 12)

There is a certain look that we associate with the Venetian gondola and its oarsman.  The boat will be a glossy black, with ornate metal fittings, and have a royal blue cover when moored.  There must be some local by-law that governs this yet I have been unable to find reference to it, but if … Continue reading Uniformity (Venezia 12)