When the tide comes in…

We have a beautiful beach that runs for a couple of miles from Whitburn to Roker.  A beautiful beach that on a sunny day attracts people from all over the area, and even on a dreadful day has its hardcore fans.  A beautiful beach that twice a day is submerged by the North Sea.  It’s a bit of a shame when you’ve planned your to spend your day relaxing on the golden sands, but there’s nothing you can do about it (including this fairly half-hearted attempt).  Time and tide wait for no man.

So, assuming that you’re not going to write the day off completely what do you when the tide is high (guaranteed to give Blondie fans an earworm)?

For some there’s denial; “Let’s move as far up the beach as we can and turn away from the advancing water”, whilst for others there are plenty of places to sit away from this creeping threat.

if you’re organised there is the chance to catch up on a little reading, a bite to eat, an update on the gossip, or just to lounge on the grass.

For those energetic enough to walk a few hundred yards there’s the delights of Latimer’s Lobster Fest; even better if you can find someone to push you there.
Of course the tide itself is an attraction to some.

Some can be blase… …others less so.There is of course one way to overcome the tidal challenge.  Perhaps Canute should have just brought his cossie, had a quick dip and then gone home with a towel or two.

Can’t say I fancied it, and thankfully neither did Nikki, for having walked the length of the prom and back I hadn’t seen anyone I wanted to photograph until I saw her smile just as i was getting back to my car.  Of course she was of the “Oh no, I hate my smile” variety, but luckily her friend was persuasive.  Thanks Nikki (and thanks to your friend!)


And we think it’s wet here…

Whilst I was thinking about someone to photograph today I spotted a Malaysian family crossing Bridge Street.  The young man in the party crossed first just as the lights changed leaving him temporarily stranded until the rest of his family could join him.

As there were lots more people around here than usual I asked him if something was happening at the Stadium of Light, as that seemed to be where most were headed.

I should have guessed of course; it was the university graduation ceremony.  Students and their parents were converging on the banqueting suite at the football club.

Li, the young man, was here to see his brother graduate having completed his pharmacy degree, one of the subjects at which the university has excelled for many years.   Once his family had rejoined him, he asked for directions to the stadium which I was happy to give, so on they went dodging through the puddles.

I wished I’d offered them a lift, my car was close by and they were a nice family, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.  Still, they must be used to it.

Whilst we moan about the weather in this country if you look at us in the rainfall league table we’re very average, mid-table performers who average something in the region of 750mm of precipitation each year.  Malaysia manages approximately three times as much.  No problem then – I hope they enjoyed the ceremony.