Arboreal Oblation (Confeugo)

Before my trip to Genoa I downloaded a guide to Christmas events taking place in the city from the official tourism site for the city. To say it was comprehensive was an understatement.  I decided to save some trees and save it to my phone to carry rather than opt for paper, and perhaps this … Continue reading Arboreal Oblation (Confeugo)


Getting Around and Getting It Wrong

If like me you've been to Milan, then you're doubtless familiar with the world's oldest shopping mall. Even those who've never been may well have seen pictures of the intersecting glass roofed arcades that are populated by famous caffé shops and top end fashion houses. McDonalds were famously refused the renewal of their lease, allowing … Continue reading Getting Around and Getting It Wrong

Nautical Notoriety

Columbus isn't Genoa's only notable sailor. Fifteen years after his birth an arguably greater man was born in the city.  Greater because his reputation hasn't been tarnished in the same way as his predecessor, but also because not only was he the Republic of Genoa's admiral, Andrea Doria was also the leader of their land … Continue reading Nautical Notoriety

Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)

In the UK it's often seen as a sign of someone's lack of class if they are seen leaving a branch of Gregg's the bakers munching into a freshly bought pasty straight out of its bag. It's "chavvy" or common to do so in many people's eyes, possibly because it is an impossible task to … Continue reading Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)

Scarlet Women…

Time to conclude my look at some of the Palazzi of Via Garibaldi (Strada Nuova) which means Palazzo Rosso, the Red Palace.  This again was owned by the Brignole-Sale family, though the matriarch in my last Italian post, and who is represented here, bequeathed the palace to the city in 1874 a few years before … Continue reading Scarlet Women…

Red, White and… You’re Letting the Side Down

The crown jewels of the magnificent buildings of Genoa's Strada Nuova could be said to be the three palaces run by the city's museum's service.  The buildings themselves are magnificent, but with the added incentive of some interesting contents I was keen to visit them early in my itinerary.  In common with many Italian museums … Continue reading Red, White and… You’re Letting the Side Down

September 20th

Wherever my wanderings took me in Genoa, there was one road that I found myself using regularly, and yes, since it linked the area near the station and my hotel with the central hub of Piazza De Ferrari, it was a logical choice.  This particular road was far more than just a convenient thoroughfare however. … Continue reading September 20th