Sketches of Spain (SOS 1)

Technically Spain is too broad a descriptor, but Miles Davis’ classic album is worth stealing a title from, and appropriately so because of the way he blended jazz with European classical influences (a reworking of Concierto de Aranjuez, or orange juice as my friend Michael calls it, is the standout track) and world music.  As you’ll see over the course of the posts here, Barcelona is a city with many influences, from its origins during the Roman Empire, through wealth and grandeur earned through its position as a major port of the Mediterranean, to a modern city with an outstanding reputation for sport, especially F1, the Olympics and a football team that plays in the world’s largest soccer stadium.

Of greater appeal to me are the cultural aspects of art and architecture, where Picasso and Gaudí are names familiar to most.

As one of the largest cities in Europe it is stylish and cosmopolitan.  Who knows what will surface on these posts over the coming months?  Not even I as I’ve not even begun the task of assessing the thousands of images I collected, so let’s step into the city together.  Careful as you go though – you may find some of Gaudí’s work beneath your feet…_PW_9736-Edit