Worth Doing Güell (SOS)

Situated much further out from the city that the other Gaudí sites that I've written about, Parc Güell seemed no less popular, based on my inability to get a shot of the famous mosaic salamander without someone draping themselves over it for their holiday album. To be fair, I like to try to find a different … Continue reading Worth Doing Güell (SOS)


House of Bones (SOS)

In the same way as Casa Milà is better known as Le Pedrera (The Quarry), so Casa Batlló, another Gaudí masterpiece, has a number of alternative names in the local population.  Some refer to it as the Dragon House, referring to the scaly ceramic roof tiles and suggesting that the Gaudí cross and turret to … Continue reading House of Bones (SOS)

Redemption (SOS)

Christians believe that Jesus redeemed the world from sin by sacrificing himself for the sake of all humanity, and yes before I get picked apart by theologians I know that's a simplistic explanation!  Nevertheless the message of redemption is an important one - the largest Christian statue in the world is called Christ the Redeemer … Continue reading Redemption (SOS)

The Quarry (SOS)

There are a number of buildings within Barcelona that vie for the title of being the prime example of Antoni Gaudí's work as a designer and architect.  The Sagrada Familia is of course the biggest most popular with visitors, but it's vastness makes it impersonal, and harder to grasp the impact of his work.  Park Guell … Continue reading The Quarry (SOS)

Sagrilege (SOS)

The Sagrada Familia, or to give it its full title, The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, is the "must see" structure in Barcelona, and from many places around the city it's hard not to see it, or at least the cranes that are as much a feature of this building site as the 8 … Continue reading Sagrilege (SOS)

Trencadis (SOS 6)

It may be a great background for this beauty shot, but at the time I took it the broken background was my intended subject, but when this young lady photo-bombed me I wasn't going to object, but it does bring me to the last piece of vocabulary that is relevant to Catalan Modernisme and an essential … Continue reading Trencadis (SOS 6)

Catenary (SOS 5)

More new vocabulary, at least for me. Antonio Gaudi is the architect almost synonymous with Barcelona, with a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the city featuring his designs.  Visit any of them and you're likely to be introduced to the catenary arch, either physically or as part of the informative displays that tell Gaudi's … Continue reading Catenary (SOS 5)