The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society - Stereo Version Britain's longest reigning monarch to date has been Queen Victoria, who was queen for over 63 years (although as she became queen at 18 she had a good start).  Until now she was the only monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee which she did … Continue reading Jubilate!


The Great British Breakfast…

is probably kippers or kedgeree for kayak fishermen like these, but what did you have for breakfast this morning?  Did you have anything at all?  Are you a cooked or cold lover?  Healthy or heart attack? I know from my links to education just how important this meal is in given brain and body the … Continue reading The Great British Breakfast…

Columba livia

Mankind began domesticating animals twelve thousand years ago.  Many mammals were bred for food and milk, and dogs became a trusted guardian and hunting companion.  The first bird to be domesticated was the pigeon; there are records of this taking place 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets. Like so many of the other animals … Continue reading Columba livia