Glorious Food?

In the last year I've delivered a lot of training on the subject of the forces that drive change and how organisations respond to those forces. One of the examples that seemed to emerge regularly from those discussions was the way in which the UK has become more of a "foodie" nation. We talked about … Continue reading Glorious Food?


Pescheria (Venezia 143)

A contestant on this year's "X-Factor" in the UK complained about her day job being smelly and unglamorous because she worked in a fishmongers.  Has she not heard of the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market?  Perhaps not, but as both of my daughters have worked at the same establishment for many years, I guess the … Continue reading Pescheria (Venezia 143)

Death of a Friend

I was in Durham this evening, wondering what to shoot for my blog, when a couple of splashes of red caught my eye and I knew immediately what I would write about. When I was young there were no mobile phones, in fact we were just entering the time when most homes had a phone … Continue reading Death of a Friend


U2 – Beautiful Day Sometimes everything comes together perfectly. There isn't a breath of wind.  The sand is soft and warm beneath your feet. The sea is calm and mirrors a sky full of interesting but unthreatening clouds. There are people silhouetted against the backlighting, fishing from the shore whilst others head out further in … Continue reading Beautiful

Look what the sea washed up…

I've lived by the sea for the last couple of decades, although I've always been within a couple of miles of the coast.  One of the things that I love about the location is the way in which the seascape is forever changing.  I've long believed that the short stretch of shoreline could produce something … Continue reading Look what the sea washed up…