Game, Set & Watch

The 'Old Town' of Dubrovnik is the original walled city, the heart of the maritime Republic of Ragusa, and though the city has long outgrown those walls and established a new port on the other side isthmus that joins the Lapad peninsula to the mainland.  Nevertheless the original buildings and layout have been largely preserved, … Continue reading Game, Set & Watch


The Very Visible Lighthouse

A couple of years ago my daughter Holly and I attended an unusual screening at Tyneside Cinema in which a film director was premiering his latest (and only) film. The evening was in three parts. Firstly the film was shown, though soundtrack and narration were performed live from a spot to the left of the … Continue reading The Very Visible Lighthouse

Hang on to your hat!

Early in the film Unfaithful, Diane Lane's character does battle with gale force winds in New York City. Whilst this fictional storm is as nothing compared to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, it is enough to cause Miss Lane some problems with her dress (shame!) and ultimately blow her quite literally into falling for Olivier … Continue reading Hang on to your hat!

A Gentler Ministry of Truth

For just over 60 years after the end of the Second World War, there was a government department called the Central Office of Information (COI), a grey and bureaucratic title which does sound a little like something out of Orwell's masterpiece, or Central Services, the overarching bureaucracy of Terry Gilliam's Brazil.  The COI's function was to provide public … Continue reading A Gentler Ministry of Truth