Victim of Prejudice

The town of Blyth has a long history, going back at least as far as the 12th century. Finds from the Neolithic era have been found nearby, though that in itself is no evidence of a settlement.  All the same it should be exactly the sort of place that appeals to me, especially when you … Continue reading Victim of Prejudice


Putting Down New Roots

Thank Marco Polo for bringing noodles back from China and inspiring all those wonderful pasta variations. Or maybe not. In a recent programme for the BBC, ancient historian Michael Scott suggested that Arabs brought strips of semolina similar to tagliatelle to Sicily a century earlier. With only a 100 miles or so of the Mediterranean … Continue reading Putting Down New Roots

Proms in the Dark

In 2013 Darlington held its first Proms in the Park concert; an event aimed at bringing the people of Darlington together and promoting a sense of civic pride in the town.  This weekend saw the fourth of these events and brought me back to the town's South Park. The local newspaper's headline from the 2015 … Continue reading Proms in the Dark

A place to rest (Venezia 25)

Most people who go on holiday spend little time considering the laws and customs of the countries they visit, assuming, often wrongly, that there won't be much difference between their small patch of civilisation and any other, and of course as the European Courts continue to standardise laws across the European Union this isn't perhaps … Continue reading A place to rest (Venezia 25)