My East Yorkshire adventure continues... After a good night's sleep in Beverley it was time for a very scenic journey north and east until I reached the coast and my next objective; Flamborough Head. Courtesy of Vera Lynn and decades of subsequent WWII nostalgia, most people associate English white cliffs with one particular location, but … Continue reading Headonist


Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

About 18 months ago the city authorities imposed Venice's first ban on motorboats.  It was only for a few hours, but during that time only electric, hybrid, or human-powered vessels were permitted; most of the 7000 or so registered craft were not. Why the ban?  To highlight the effect of exhaust fumes in damaging the … Continue reading Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

Return to Mulberry*

Down the beaches Hand in hand Twelfth of never On the sand Then war took her away Europa and The Pirate Twins  I must apologise for bringing Thomas Dolby back to these pages with such indecent haste, but his showing/performance of The Invisible Lighthouse at the Tyneside Cinema resonated so strongly that I could not … Continue reading Return to Mulberry*


Fancy a little secluded slice of paradise? For just £2.4 million you could buy your own Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Too pricey? Well then only £1.7m will get you 12 acres of beach-front in St Lucia. Still a little rich for your pocket? Half an acre of virgin land on Mayreu in the … Continue reading Private