Zzzzz Mr Hemingway. (Habana 58)

One of the less likely destinations for visiting tourists can be found in the Ambos Mundos hotel.  The rooftop bar and perhaps the experience of travelling to it in the original metal cage lift, are the draw for most, and with cold mojitos, smooth salsa and views over the city on offer from the shade of its canopies … Continue reading Zzzzz Mr Hemingway. (Habana 58)


Hemingway (Habana 27)

I've read some Ernest Hemingway over the years.  Some, but not enough. I say that because I've unintentionally become something of a Hemingway stalker; it seems that everywhere I travel these days I find myself in a bar that was once frequented by the writer. The process began many years ago on a trip to … Continue reading Hemingway (Habana 27)

How many Harry’s? (Venezia 16)

In recent months a new bar has opened in Newcastle upon Tyne called Harry's Bar.  My heart sank.  Another nail in the coffin of the brand. You see there are lots of Harry's Bars in the world, many of them as unoriginal and unremarkable as their Novocastrian namesake, but there are two that are more … Continue reading How many Harry’s? (Venezia 16)

Thinking Differently

"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." - Aristotle All this week I've been inspired to write about creativity and mental health, or more precisely mental illness, following a piece of research published in the Journal of Psychiatric  Research by a Swedish  team led by Dr Simon Kyaga. Kyaga has long … Continue reading Thinking Differently

A different way of storytelling

Having been away for the weekend I had so many words to share for today's blog, but as so often happens, the best laid plans... I visited my cousin Ann yesterday, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and who was recently hospitalised after an incident involving a morsel of bread and an air ambulance, and I'd … Continue reading A different way of storytelling