A good week for a selfie…

Helle Thorning-Schmidt is Denmark's first female Prime Minister, which seems strange to one who has closely followed the exploits of Birgitte Nyborg for some time.  Certainly, before this week, the fictional politician played by  Sidse Babett Knudsen was probably the better known in this country.  That all changed in an instant this week when Thorning-Schmidt, seated between … Continue reading A good week for a selfie…


If music be the food of love…*

Last night I attended a performance by a small gospel choir, six women with a four decade span of ages and styles who rose above these differences to blend their voices into a largely homogeneous whole which was moving physically (you can't sit still with gospel) and emotionally.  Music is a powerful phenomenon and one … Continue reading If music be the food of love…*


The creative muse comes in different guises; for some she provides a spark or shock that stimulates a radical result or new direction. Sometimes the force is less powerful and requires further input, such as an initial idea to build upon, or another brain to provoke and challenge.  A partnership can be very effective, where … Continue reading Collaborative

Food, Glorious Food

In Newcastle today I knew that I would find someone to photograph.  What I did not know was that this was the final weekend of the annual EAT! festival run as part of the NewcastleGateshead Initiative. In the past the festival has included some great ideas (restaurants in people's homes), some spectacular stunts (dining suspended … Continue reading Food, Glorious Food