Customer Satisfaction

In my day job all week I’ve been focusing on impressing the employees of a Japanese manufacturing company with the importance of giving great customer service as the only long-term way of differentiating themselves from their competitors (products being so easy to copy by determined rivals).  We’ve considered whether the customer is or isn’t always right, and concluded that it doesn’t really matter.  They are the customer, they have a problem, it’s our job to solve it.

It’s ironic therefore that I ended up with a dissatisfied customer of my own this afternoon.

On getting home from work, I noticed that my eldest daughter Megan had some make up on, having been shopping in town.  Now Megan is a reluctant participant in my search for beautiful pictures, and if she doesn’t feel 100% happy with her look will usually refuse any requests.  Today was one of those lucky occasions when she felt able to confront the lens, and for me to put my new-found knowledge of the MKIII autofocusing to good use (after a bit of serious reading last night).  Positioning her to take advantage of some nice soft light coming through a north facing window I took one shot and nailed it.  No further shooting required.

A little cropping and processing the raw file and very quickly I had what I considered to be a beautiful shot.

I posted it on her Facebook timeline, and almost immediately it attracted a positive response from one of her friends.

More feedback followed saying how gorgeous she looked, but Megan’s response to this was “I don’t like it!”  though when pressed she couldn’t explain why.  I sought a second opinion from her sister Holly, who hadn’t seen the picture at that point.  Logging onto Facebook we found that the image had gone.  It seems that the customer had voted with her feet!

Lucky then that I still have this outlet to share the image…

Megan Williams
Megan Williams