Get your clicks (on Route 66)

America's Route 66 may be one of the most famous highways in the world (thanks in no small part to Nat King Cole and others who have covered Bob Troup's song over the last 70+ years), but England has its own cross-country highway, and one with a considerably longer history. The A66, like its namesake … Continue reading Get your clicks (on Route 66)


Barney’s Battlements 

In the west of County Durham lies a small market town that is probably best known for its nearby French chateau. Now this might seem odd, but Bowes Museum is clearly an architectural import. It's also clearly a palace rather than a castle, though back in the days of my distant French lessons the chateau … Continue reading Barney’s Battlements 

Brandon On The Up

I don't know whether it was the clarification of the meaning of "gate" in my recent Ripon post but I found myself musing on another place-name that is common in the Durham area, where we have  Framwellgate Peth,  Crossgate Peth, and Peth Lane in the vicinity of the city, and just a little further afield … Continue reading Brandon On The Up

Fit for a Prince

Though most of its citizens are doubtless unaware of this, Durham has a pretty special history.  There was probably an earlier settlement here, but the place was really put on the map when the monks of Lindisfarne arrived with the bones of St Cuthbert (hermit of the Farne Islands) 300 years after his death to … Continue reading Fit for a Prince

A Song of Ice and Fire

Feeling sufficiently motivated to head out on my bike before breakfast I expected that I might also capture some moody images along the river. It had been a bitterly cold night and the cars were still thickly covered in frost, so perhaps the difference in temperature between air and water might create some murky conditions where … Continue reading A Song of Ice and Fire

Times Change Whilst Time Stands Still

A few weeks ago I was cycling in Durham when I took a different route to explore some cobbled back streets beside St Godrics, the church named after the hermit who was effectively the first monk of Finchale Priory.  Though a listed building in its own right, the church didn't interest me, but looking in … Continue reading Times Change Whilst Time Stands Still

Extraordinary (Pun narrowly avoided)

Easter. A long weekend. No pressure. Not much to do. Not likely to find any shots to blog. A weekend for a bit of diy perhaps?  Shopping? Visiting friends?  A little chocolate egg consumption? Let's get the first one out of the way.  Call it vanity if you will, but with a week in Havana … Continue reading Extraordinary (Pun narrowly avoided)