An old sea dog (Venezia 3)

There'll be a great many inanimate objects vying for inclusion in this project; windows, door knobs, statuary, metalwork and more, but plenty of the living too, not all of them human. I don't know why, but among the narrow alleys that criss-cross the canals I was always surprised to see dogs.  They're present though.  


Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes*

When I was small the 5th of November was one of the most important dates on the calendar; Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night. For weeks beforehand, young boys would tour the streets looking for any spare timber that could be used to build a bonfire, and stuffing old clothes to make a "Guy", which would … Continue reading Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes*

Look out Tank Girl!

I've spent the whole day training others to deliver presentations, part of which required me to listen to short presentations by each of the delegates on a topic of their choosing.  The subjects were certainly varied; learning to play a keyboard, the seven wastes, scuba diving at the Farne Islands and the Movember moustache challenge … Continue reading Look out Tank Girl!

Early Riser

Lost on a wave that you're dreaming Dream on on to the heart of the sunrise* Every day this week my drive to work has been accompanied by the sort of colourful skies that bring dismay to shepherds and sailors but delight to photographers.  Unless the they don't have time to stop and exploit the … Continue reading Early Riser

These are the days

  A big day today for thousands; the day of the Great North Run.  What better opportunity to get some interesting shots of athletes and spectators?  Except that I'm photographing a Baptism today so it isn't going to happen. The runners will welcome the overcast skies that have given the day a cooler feel than … Continue reading These are the days

And did those feet…

I read with interest this week that Wales lags only slightly behind the USA in terms of the levels of obesity in the population, and at first assumed that the rest of the UK must therefore be in a similar predicament, but discovered that in England at least the NHS is prepared to intervene sooner … Continue reading And did those feet…


After the highs of the three athletics golds in the Olympic stadium last night, it was a much calmer world this morning.  Parking on the cliff tops I could see that the water was even calmer and hazier than it had been yesterday, but there was no blue in the sky to brighten it. There … Continue reading Lugubrious