Cupboard Love

This year will be memorable for a series of new experiences, new experiences that to date have not born fruit.

The ups and downs, the hopes and fears, the fun, the disappointments, the joy and the pain have all been part of my online dating story.  A volatile emotional cocktail.

But through it all there is someone who I can count on to hug me tight, kiss me on the cheek, give no quarter to sadness and regularly give of her time.

Collecting her from school today I set to making some comfort food for the provider of this comfort.  She’s eaten some great cottage pies in her time that weren’t of my making, so this staple winter warmer was not to be taken lightly.  I placed my faith in a brunoise of carrot, shallot and celeriac to add flavour, together with a generous topping of mature cheddar and Dijon mustard potato.  It wasn’t pretty, but that’s not the point is it?  It hit the spot for me, and more importantly did the same for Holly.

APW_1064Given that she’d come straight from school, was still in uniform and had had her hair tied up all day, she wasn’t really prepared for a photo session, but she’s my daughter and obliges her father on such occasions, even when we had nothing but a table lamp for lighting as she perched on the end of a sofa.  Low light means image quality suffers in the service of avoiding camera shake but despite this Holly shines through.

Thanks H.