Something from Nothing

Apologies to Bradford, but on my last visit I was struggling for material. In fairness my working hours, the shortening hours of daylight, and a reluctance to go driving further afield once checked into my hotel narrow the options. So what was I left with?  The view from my hotel room revealed little to lift my … Continue reading Something from Nothing


Redemption (SOS)

Christians believe that Jesus redeemed the world from sin by sacrificing himself for the sake of all humanity, and yes before I get picked apart by theologians I know that's a simplistic explanation!  Nevertheless the message of redemption is an important one - the largest Christian statue in the world is called Christ the Redeemer … Continue reading Redemption (SOS)

Pink (Havana 41)

Here in the UK, pink is associated with baby girls, female clothing, cosmetic products, mobile phone casings... but almost always with a feminine slant.  Some guys will wear pink shirts, but normally with business suits to re-establish their masculinity. Pink paint is generally an interior covering, and pink cars tend to either to be driven … Continue reading Pink (Havana 41)

The Look

Just around the corner from my hotel in Venice was a shop whose windows were full of cashmere sweaters.  Passing it as often as I did, it was inevitable that I'd succumb and go inside to buy one, but when I did I was surprised to find that instead of smart displays, the interior was … Continue reading The Look

Illusion of Light (Venezia 59)

The Illusion of Light is one of the exhibits that I saw at Palazzo Grassi along with the Irving Penn photography that inspired this 365 day project. Containing works by a number of artists it was mystifying, hypnotic, amusing and provocative.  The shot below wasn't part of it, though it could be termed "an installation" … Continue reading Illusion of Light (Venezia 59)