Four letters that bring to mind the Roman Empire and which are equally commonplace around the modern city, but how many of those familiar with the abbreviation know what it represents? Even forty years after my school years I remember Senatus Populus Que Romanus, which simply means The Senate and People of Rome, and for … Continue reading S.P.Q.R.


A Tale of Two Coffees

  Like any Italian city, Genoa has a plethora of options when you need caffeine and Italia has some great institutions who have made it an art form; Florian in Venezia, Gilli in Firenze for example, and so when my guide to the essentials for 48 hours in Genoa included a stop at the city's … Continue reading A Tale of Two Coffees

It’s The Real Thing

In the UK the coffee market is booming. According to a report in the Financial Times last year we consume 1.7bn takeaway coffees each year from 18,000 retail outlets, and it seems we haven't reached saturation point.  Gregg's (the bakers) and JD Wetherpoon (the pub chain) want our custom too and it's expected that in … Continue reading It’s The Real Thing

Coffee (Habana 13)

In my time in Tanzania I witnessed coffee growing at a subsistence level; small family operations gathering fruit from a few plants, stoning the cherries, and drying the resulting "beans" in the sun until they resembled small white pebbles which they could then sell to a local cooperative. Hard to imagine that in the context … Continue reading Coffee (Habana 13)