Old Sites With New Eyes

I have on occasions been rather disparaging about my home city of Sunderland, particularly in relation to its attempts at public art. (Remember Ambit anyone?) So when the North East Photographic Network mailed me about an event they were running as part of the BBC's Get Creative project, I felt I should be open-minded enough to go along. … Continue reading Old Sites With New Eyes


An Alien Discovery

Another idyllic day on the Whitburn coast.  Perfect for a wedding, some cricket practice, or a little propagation perhaps. Strolling to the shore I spotted something out of place here amongst this leisurely activity.  There was a man on the beach, working at a table.  What could he be doing, and why there? I was … Continue reading An Alien Discovery

The Eyes Have It – Part I

Before I was hit by the frustrations of a recalcitrant laptop yesterday I was out seeing some of the preparations taking place for this weekend's main event; The Sunderland International Airshow. In contrast with other similar events (like the one at Farnborough that punctuated last weekend's wedding with the drone of tortured engines) the airshow … Continue reading The Eyes Have It – Part I

It’s just a rumour that’s been spread around town*

The City of Sunderland grew out of the merger of three separate settlements of Anglo-Saxon origin, although the fishing village that originally bore the name wasn't officially recognised until a century after the arrival of the Normans.  The name Sunderland probably derives from the Anglo-Saxon word soender, meaning to part or separate, and refers to … Continue reading It’s just a rumour that’s been spread around town*