The Icing on the Cake

Fellow blogger and poet Becky Kilsby recently posted a new work which immediately resonated with me. I am often that person grabbing a quick breakfast courtesy of Pret (or less frequently Nero), catching up on the news with my iPhone, and people watching as my fellows dash to offices in the city.  Of course the … Continue reading The Icing on the Cake


How I warmed to 0°

Watch this space?  Watches and Space perhaps. As I left the O2 I was headed for a part of London that was completely new to me, and yet a place with enormous significance for the history of the UK.  Greenwich. What's so special about Greenwich then?  Like Durham it contains a World Heritage Site, a status which … Continue reading How I warmed to 0°

Temporal Paradox

The first, and probably still my favourite, novel I read by Peter Ackroyd, was Hawksmoor. Written almost 30 years ago, I've still never read anything like it; part detective story, part historical pastiche the novel blends and subverts real events and people from history. In the novel the eponymous Detective Nicholas Hawksmoor investigates a series … Continue reading Temporal Paradox