Cioccolato (Venice 62)

Think of great chocolate and you tend to consider Belgium, or Switzerland.  Italy isn't a nation of chocolatiers in most minds, and yet one of the worlds most successful confections is Italian.  Little balls of chocolate and hazelnut wrapped in gold foil are apparently an extravagance even for ambassadors to offer! Ferrero make a range … Continue reading Cioccolato (Venice 62)


“You can’t compete with Cadbury in the first ten years”

So said Bangladeshi cricketer Tamim Iqbal, responding to Geoffrey Boycott's suggestion that his country didn't deserve Test Cricket status, meaning that any newcomer struggles to establish itself against established players.  Cadbury is a brand synonymous with chocolate not only in the UK, but in many countries of the world where Britain once held sway. Of … Continue reading “You can’t compete with Cadbury in the first ten years”

You Only Bake Twice

Britain has taken baking to its heart again, a fact due in no small part to the phenomenal success of The Great British Bake Off presented by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.  Mary Berry has been synonymous  with baking for decades but Hollywood has come from seemingly from nowhere to become a TV "personality"; granted his … Continue reading You Only Bake Twice