Getting Noticed

Is it time for another lighthouse? Flamborough Head's position protruding into the North Sea makes it a natural location for providing guidance to passing shipping and transmitting messages along the coast, so the site may have been in use this way for nearly 2000 years.  Some masonry that could have been part of a Roman … Continue reading Getting Noticed



My East Yorkshire adventure continues... After a good night's sleep in Beverley it was time for a very scenic journey north and east until I reached the coast and my next objective; Flamborough Head. Courtesy of Vera Lynn and decades of subsequent WWII nostalgia, most people associate English white cliffs with one particular location, but … Continue reading Headonist

My boy lollipop*

On the days that I travel into Darlington quite early, I frequently pass two similarly attired women on North Road.  Dressed in long coats of high-viz yellow, which in case anyone should miss them are augmented by matching hats, they carry oversize black tennis racquet bags slung across their backs. They are not however exponents … Continue reading My boy lollipop*