A couple of weeks ago I found myself driving on Hamm Strasse.  It wouldn't have been so surprising in 1991 when I visited North Rhine-Westphalia, staying with relatives of my ex-wife who were stationed near the city with the British Army, but this time I wasn't in Germany, or even a Germanic country. I was in … Continue reading Überraschend*


As Names Go…

...you can't really beat Bury St Edmunds.  They did what it said on the tin. In all my travels around England's green and pleasant land, I've never made it to the East Anglian coast, which given how much I love that environment is perhaps surprising.  The problem is that Norfolk and Suffolk aren't really on … Continue reading As Names Go…

Massive Piles?

A couple of days of unpacking, furniture construction and cardboard recycling is enough and so I was sufficiently stir crazy to venture out of the apartment into the city of Durham itself.  (A 9.00pm emergency dash to Sainsbury's on Tuesday doesn't really count). It's going to take a while before I get sufficiently used to … Continue reading Massive Piles?