A Site for Sore Eyes? (Pt I)

When I think of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I tend to think of a single location such as Palace Green in Durham, where both Castle and Cathedral are found, or Studley Royal in Yorkshire, where John Aislabie added his estate and water gardens to the existing ruins of Fountains Abbey.  In Sicily though, I found … Continue reading A Site for Sore Eyes? (Pt I)


A fragment of knowledge (Venezia 13)

Entering the Grand Canal from Piazza San Marco, you shortly pass Salute, the great church raised in thanks for the salvation of the city from plague, and shortly after that a Palazzo featuring dazzling mosaic work.  My Italian being virtually non-existent, I had assumed that the caption of this image "Salviati" referred to the same … Continue reading A fragment of knowledge (Venezia 13)