A Day At The Races

Employee engagement is a concept that has gained a lot of recognition in recent years, though it has been around under other names (Job Satisfaction for example) for decades.  The benefits to businesses of achieving engaged employees include lower staff turnover, reduced sickness, better problem solving, greater commitment and so on, and no two businesses … Continue reading A Day At The Races


Customer Satisfaction

In my day job all week I've been focusing on impressing the employees of a Japanese manufacturing company with the importance of giving great customer service as the only long-term way of differentiating themselves from their competitors (products being so easy to copy by determined rivals).  We've considered whether the customer is or isn't always … Continue reading Customer Satisfaction

An exercise in nostalgia

Meeting a friend for a drink in the Ramside Hall Hotel this afternoon, one of the topics we discussed was how as we grow older, roles reverse and the parents become the children that we must look after.  (I'm reminded of Peter Gabriel's introduction to Baby Man during his Still Growing Up tour at this … Continue reading An exercise in nostalgia

Winds of change

I talk a lot about change during the training that I deliver.  The way that change is uncomfortable while we adjust to new circumstances, relationships, processes, and structures.  I've been the living embodiment of the model I use to describe how we react to feedback, experiencing denial, emotion and justification before reaching the acceptance that … Continue reading Winds of change

Both sides now

The mouth of the River Wear is a place of contrasts.  On the south bank; the docks and quays of the Port of Sunderland, a commercial port providing berthing, loading and repair services for a variety of vessels like this Japanese multi-purpose heavy-load transport ship Kurobe. The north bank is a more relaxed place, home … Continue reading Both sides now

Come inside, the show’s about to start

The roadside parking along the sea front has been claimed by mobile home owners claiming the best seats in the house in good time. The static exhibits are already drawing attention. There is plenty of junk to part tourists from their money. Plans are in place. The champagne is on ice... ...and the stage is … Continue reading Come inside, the show’s about to start

No time to say hello goodbye

I'm rushed off my feet with the day job today, preparing a presentation that I'll be sharing with a board of directors at the other side of the country tomorrow.  (I'm not the only one - the driftwood builders have been busy raising more totems to the sea gods!) Early to bed to catch the … Continue reading No time to say hello goodbye