These are the days


A big day today for thousands; the day of the Great North Run.  What better opportunity to get some interesting shots of athletes and spectators?  Except that I’m photographing a Baptism today so it isn’t going to happen.

The runners will welcome the overcast skies that have given the day a cooler feel than yesterday.  If they’re lucky a refreshing shower or two may provide further temperature control.

In Whitburn I suspect it will be a quieter day at the crustacean celebration that is the Latimer’s Lobster Fest.  The passing trade will be passing on their way along the coast to the finishing straight of the run on Marsden Leas.  There will be fewer strollers out enjoying the sunshine too.





For me though, these are the conditions that I love on a morning visit to the bay.  The rising sun’s crepuscular rays develop a greater range of colours in the sky, and then are scattered further by the wet sand’s desire to be a mirror to the details above.

There is a lot of bad HDR photography out there, that embraces the extreme look it can produce for it’s own sake, but a day like today can tempt me to go down that route too. 

There is always a sense of serenity on mornings like this, the sea too far away to impose it’s voice on your thoughts, and the soft diffuse light envelops all in its embrace.

And in this environment I am the exception.  Everyone I see has a canine companion, whilst I have only my Canon companion.  Suits me fine.

One of those enjoying introducing his Springer Spaniel to the sea for the first time was Ron.  His dog loved the experience.  I hope he feels the same way about this picture.

The Blue Nile – The Days Of Our Lives



Blue sky, beach, Ben & Barry

Another Bank Holiday Monday!  In our strangely unbalanced public holiday system they just keep coming at this time of the year.  Feels great at the time, but once Spring is over there’s a long wait before any more arrive.

What was even stranger was that it was such a beautiful morning.  Rain, sleet and hail have all been mentioned in recent weather forecasts so of course we had blue skies instead.  To be fair there’s plenty of time for the clouds to arrive, and as I’m going to be spending the day in Northumberland it’s bound to rain at some point!

I was on the beach early this morning which meant that the dog walkers were my only companions, but with the sea front cleared of yesterday’s cones and tape there were more of them.

Of course fate decreed that I didn’t need them.  The nearest person to me as I arrived on the beach was Barry; a nice man and a great subject.

He was out walking his greyhound, Ben who came to join us immediately.  For a moment I was going to be shooting the partnership, which would have been a pity as I would have lost the detail of Barry’s great expression.  I commented on how friendly Ben was, to which Barry replied that he was anyone’s friend, but especially if they had a sausage or a pork pie!  This surprised me momentarily as greyhounds (Ben included) are so sleek, then I thought of my daughter Holly; long and lean but addicted to pork pies.  Nuff said.

Anyway it seemed that Ben could be tempted away by more than just meat products for another dog came bounding by overjoyed at the space available for running wild.  Well if there’s running to be done you can’t hold a greyhound back and soon Ben was away with his new friend.

This suited me perfectly as it gave me the chance to concentrate on getting that great image of Barry.  Thanks Ben.