Something from Nothing

Apologies to Bradford, but on my last visit I was struggling for material. In fairness my working hours, the shortening hours of daylight, and a reluctance to go driving further afield once checked into my hotel narrow the options. So what was I left with?  The view from my hotel room revealed little to lift my … Continue reading Something from Nothing


With a Pinch of Salt?

William Blake's poem that questions whether there is any truth to the legends that Jesus Christ once came to England refers to England's dark Satanic mills, and though there are conflicting interpretations, many take the literal option that this refers to the fruits of the industrial revolution. Bradford was a fertile ground for the mills to … Continue reading With a Pinch of Salt?


A couple of weeks ago I found myself driving on Hamm Strasse.  It wouldn't have been so surprising in 1991 when I visited North Rhine-Westphalia, staying with relatives of my ex-wife who were stationed near the city with the British Army, but this time I wasn't in Germany, or even a Germanic country. I was in … Continue reading Überraschend*


When my work in Liverpool was complete there was another stop on my itinerary before returning home, another unfamiliar place to explore, another opportunity to learn something. I wasn't hopeful.  My scant knowledge of the place didn't suggest anything attractive or interesting about the place, and this was compounded when two colleagues with greater local … Continue reading Cosmopolis