Attualità (Venezia 316)

I've joked about the easy life that the motoscafi drivers have, based purely on the number of times I found them relaxing on and around their vessels, but in fairness they don't have a monopoly. I caught this guy early one morning near the market,  perhaps taking advantage of a moment or two to catch … Continue reading Attualità (Venezia 316)


The Little Runabout (Venezia 134)

A good number of postcards for sale in areas of high tourist traffic will show a narrow stretch of canal (or more likely rio) running behind old gothic properties and made interesting by a row of highly polished black gondole and their matching blue tarpaulins.  As a reminder of the city it's a misleading image as most … Continue reading The Little Runabout (Venezia 134)

Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

About 18 months ago the city authorities imposed Venice's first ban on motorboats.  It was only for a few hours, but during that time only electric, hybrid, or human-powered vessels were permitted; most of the 7000 or so registered craft were not. Why the ban?  To highlight the effect of exhaust fumes in damaging the … Continue reading Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

Return of the Obvious (Venezia 116)

We were overdue another one of these weren't we? Like the angles here between tilt of gondola, vertical of rower, diagonal of oar, slope of bridge and "v" of collar. So much going on and the passengers are oblivious. Related articles The Gondola Man (

And did those feet…

I read with interest this week that Wales lags only slightly behind the USA in terms of the levels of obesity in the population, and at first assumed that the rest of the UK must therefore be in a similar predicament, but discovered that in England at least the NHS is prepared to intervene sooner … Continue reading And did those feet…

Both sides now

The mouth of the River Wear is a place of contrasts.  On the south bank; the docks and quays of the Port of Sunderland, a commercial port providing berthing, loading and repair services for a variety of vessels like this Japanese multi-purpose heavy-load transport ship Kurobe. The north bank is a more relaxed place, home … Continue reading Both sides now