Not So Much A Temple

I said in my last post that Temple Row does not take it’s name from Birmingham’s Anglican Cathedral, though since the building’s churchyard adjoins the thoroughfare it would be a simple enough assumption to make. That said this is no typical cathedral.  Like Bradford Cathedral it was originally a parish church and remained so for … Continue reading Not So Much A Temple


Temple Teaser

Back in the days when I was a young banker, I knew the names of thoroughfares in cities across the country purely on the basis that a bank had a branch there and I'd seen the name on a cheque even though I'd never been to the place in question.  Bank Plain in Norwich, The Headrow … Continue reading Temple Teaser


Tonight I find myself in England's second city; Birmingham, and in particular in its commercial heart. I still recall from my youth, the TV show Candid Camera, which was I suppose a forerunner of reality TV in that it relied upon the reaction of ordinary people to a variety of spoofs and setups.  One that … Continue reading Hypocrisy

Nominally British?

The British journalist Sangita Myska recently produced a programme about British attitudes to "foreign" names, based on her own experiences and those of other prominent Brits who can trace their roots to other cultures. The inability of many of us to cope with these less common names can make even the most straight forward of … Continue reading Nominally British?