Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II

So back to this new fascination with macro photography that I mentioned in part one. Though none of my nudes have ever been explicit, it seems far less controversial to shoot close-ups of sex organs when they belong to plants, and so I've spent a good many hours this summer getting up close and personal with … Continue reading Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II


Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt I

Having moved home in the last year I have a new area to explore and of course that includes some new National Trust properties that I've visited before, and even despite my disagreement with their drone policy two of the houses in North Yorkshire won me over with some special exhibits. The first was Nunnington … Continue reading Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt I

Foss & Nonsense

It's a pity that global warming is the culprit, but something remarkable has happened in the UK and we've had a real summer (and it's still only July at the time of writing).   At the risk of sounding ungrateful, this has had the effect of rendering almost everywhere I've been pleasurable and photogenic, with … Continue reading Foss & Nonsense

NSFW (Not Safe From Williams?)

Be warned - this post features nudity. I wasn't intending to post any of these images to my blog originally, but they seemed to take on a life of their own as you shall see. A couple of years ago a woman I met on a date contacted me later to commission me to shoot … Continue reading NSFW (Not Safe From Williams?)

Belle Donne (Venezia 273)

Today's post breaks the norm by including two images, but you'll see why as I tell the story. I'd spotted a junction where to position their gondole correctly for the turn ahead, the oarsmen were drifting close to a wall and then pushing off from that wall with their left foot to swing the stern … Continue reading Belle Donne (Venezia 273)

La Triste Bellezza (Venezia 213)

There is much to enjoy in this beautiful city, but that doesn't render her citizens or her visitors immune to moments of melancholy. When such moments do arise there are streets and parks to lose yourself in, places that overlook lagoon or sea where you can anchor the body while the mind goes sailing, other … Continue reading La Triste Bellezza (Venezia 213)