The Grand Budapest Hotel (Venezia 78)

I watched Wes Anderson's film about the concierge of a grandiose and externally colourful hotel on the way to Venice, totally ignorant that the pink confection at the heart of his story would in some respects be trumped by reality. Situated on the main road that bisects Lido is The Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria, whose … Continue reading The Grand Budapest Hotel (Venezia 78)


Illusion of Light (Venezia 59)

The Illusion of Light is one of the exhibits that I saw at Palazzo Grassi along with the Irving Penn photography that inspired this 365 day project. Containing works by a number of artists it was mystifying, hypnotic, amusing and provocative.  The shot below wasn't part of it, though it could be termed "an installation" … Continue reading Illusion of Light (Venezia 59)

“Let’s Go Round Again”*

I don't feel a particular sense of nostalgia. There's no obvious hankering for past glories. And yet, when I look at the images I've shot and processed this week the evidence suggests otherwise.  My daughter Holly has appeared here before, but meeting her for lunch this weekend to mark the end of her 'A' levels … Continue reading “Let’s Go Round Again”*

On The Streets With No Names*

Inspiration comes from many sources; the sculpture in my last post has been nagging at me to photograph it for months, and I'd thought that was it for this blog entries this week.  Then, when I was waiting at the hairdressers this morning, a surprise came my way.  I'd replied to a couple of txt … Continue reading On The Streets With No Names*

The Beauty of a Dream

all of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head dreaming of mercy st. wear your inside out dreaming of mercy Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street (link to Iain Matthews cover) In my frequent work trips to Bootle, Widnes and now Warrington, I feel I make more than my fair … Continue reading The Beauty of a Dream

Perception Is Reality?

The volume of driving required for my job is made bearable by a combination of Radio 4 and the songs on my iPhone, and it was the latter that I turned to this week as I made my way to Bardon in Leicestershire.  Set to shuffle each new song is a surprise, but I was … Continue reading Perception Is Reality?

A Handful of Dust

Biology, Chemistry and Physics.   More years ago than I care to divulge I was an 'A' level English student, doing battle with a number of compulsory texts (Othello, The Knight's Tale, Nostromo and Paradise Lost) as well as a range of other literature which if memory serves was categorised as "Modern", which included both … Continue reading A Handful of Dust