Beyond First Impressions

On our drive home my daughter Meg was expressing her passion for conservation, and at snow point questioned the value of space exploration when we have so much work to do to preserve our own planet. On the face of it, a reasonable question, but the issue is more complex. For me, exploration of any … Continue reading Beyond First Impressions



In my day job this week I have been training people about how communication can be affected by prejudice, that is to say once we have made an assumption about the content of a message we tend to focus more on finding evidence to confirm our assumption than keeping an open mind and listening to … Continue reading Prejudice

Chalk & Cheese

My eldest daughter Megan is home from university for the next 5 weeks; 5 weeks that will see some significant changes in this family as we separate and begin new lives, so it's nice that Meg, and her boyfriend Jack, are here for one last time with all of us present. She arrived on Friday … Continue reading Chalk & Cheese

Am I missing something?

In my discussions with students yesterday, the subject of my blog came up and I was asked about how people react to being asked for a photograph.  I replied truthfully about my finding that in general the following rules apply: Men more often than not will agree, and frequently without asking me why I want … Continue reading Am I missing something?

Banana Karma

Some people's approach to cookery is that they plan every meal for a week, buy all of the necessary ingredients and then implement their plan to the letter.  I might do this if I was entertaining, or trying something new, but more often than not my approach is to check the contents of fridge, larder … Continue reading Banana Karma

Two Beautiful.

A rough count of the people who have been good enough to be photographed for this project so far revealed a degree of sexual discrimination.  Not through any policy on my part of course, but nevertheless there have been more men than women featured. Strange really, since you would think I would favour shooting beauty … Continue reading Two Beautiful.

Food, Glorious Food

In Newcastle today I knew that I would find someone to photograph.  What I did not know was that this was the final weekend of the annual EAT! festival run as part of the NewcastleGateshead Initiative. In the past the festival has included some great ideas (restaurants in people's homes), some spectacular stunts (dining suspended … Continue reading Food, Glorious Food