Red, White and… You’re Letting the Side Down

The crown jewels of the magnificent buildings of Genoa's Strada Nuova could be said to be the three palaces run by the city's museum's service.  The buildings themselves are magnificent, but with the added incentive of some interesting contents I was keen to visit them early in my itinerary.  In common with many Italian museums … Continue reading Red, White and… You’re Letting the Side Down


Thwarted or Thrilled?

Manchester Cathedral, Hexham Abbey, Ripon Cathedral.  Three great churches that impressed me with the quality of the wood carving in the choir stalls, and in particular the misericords, the folding wooden seats that provided support for those standing for long periods of prayer.  My research into the history of these buildings pointed me to another … Continue reading Thwarted or Thrilled?

Sex & Doges & Rock & Roll

Mention a Doge's Palace and most people's minds will jump to Venice (mine included), but the concept of a Doge (or Duke) as political leader wasn't confined to La Serenissima.  The same was true of Genoa.  I've already referred to the Palazzo Ducale as the setting for the G8 summit, but this large building is … Continue reading Sex & Doges & Rock & Roll

Old Sites With New Eyes

I have on occasions been rather disparaging about my home city of Sunderland, particularly in relation to its attempts at public art. (Remember Ambit anyone?) So when the North East Photographic Network mailed me about an event they were running as part of the BBC's Get Creative project, I felt I should be open-minded enough to go along. … Continue reading Old Sites With New Eyes

Multi-cultural Part 1

This may seem like a completely innocuous piece of railing and yet on encountering it recently it stirred a flood of memories from almost 35 years ago.  Here I stood for hours on a hot summer's day, while parents and other relatives operated in shifts to keep me company and supply me with food and … Continue reading Multi-cultural Part 1

All White on the Night

Earlier this week I learnt from Waldemar Januszczak's latest series on the Renaissance that the reason for the gleaming white marble used in much of the great sculpture of the period (think Michelangelo's David and his Pieta) is nothing more than a simple error on the part of the artists of the day.  Seeking inspiration … Continue reading All White on the Night

Sometimes You Eat The Bear

Reading CandidKay's recent posting, I reflected on my own recent outputs and found them to be a bit on the gloomy side. This might not be immediately apparent as the dates of posting don't always reflect the date of writing; the Havana blogs were written months ago, and some of the Barcelona posts well before … Continue reading Sometimes You Eat The Bear