Dark Times

Perhaps I was suffering from a degree of geographic confusion arising from the sea being to my west rather than my beloved east coast, though more likely it was the mental clouding arising from having been made redundant from my training job less than an hour previously, but in either event my usual sense of … Continue reading Dark Times


Arx celebris fontibus*

* a citadel noted for its springs. In Georgian England a sure way for a town to become prosperous was if it benefited from natural springs whose mineral waters had healing properties. Bath has traded on this for centuries of course, the Romans having constructed a bath house and temple at the site of a … Continue reading Arx celebris fontibus*

Rivista trimestrale*

Three months into my Project 365 and it seems a good time to take stock, so last night I looked back on all of my experiences to date. What surprised me was that considering that the majority of the pictures have been taken in the North East, how many nations have been represented in my … Continue reading Rivista trimestrale*