Costa Cleveland

I’ve posted images from this part of the world previously, but courtesy of my friend Julie I was able to explore Saltburn’s beach in a little more detail, beginning with the stretch below the towering walls of Huntcliff, the brown ironstone that was once extensively mined stained white in places by the nesting gull population and green in others by vivid swathes of weed liberally daubed where there is water to sustain it.

The cliffs are hazardous with the risk of rockfalls, but there is plenty of space below to pass in safety.  Venture nearer however and the rocks reveal hidden treasures for these rocks are layered with fossils.

The incoming tide prevented further exploration to the south of Saltburn, but did at least provide an opportunity for reflection as we turned back.  APW_2341

APW_2342_3_4Of course there was still the long stretch of sand reaching north to tempt us, but first we had to pass the pier.  Now I’ve photographed the pier to death on a number of occasions, but on this occasion I found a couple of new reasons to lift camera to eye.

Mock Turtle?

The famous Saltburn Yarm Bombers have revealed their latest work here; a range of knitted figures inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and though I don’t remember much mention of rain in Lewis Carroll the heavens chose to open at that moment.  Not such a problem though as the wet boards of the pier provided a mirror-like surface for further creative options.

It didn’t stay wet for too long so the journey further north to Marske wasn’t so unpleasant but there weren’t too many taking advantage of the sand and sea.  (Well just Julie, but I’m far too gallant to share!)APW_2459_60_61