Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

About 18 months ago the city authorities imposed Venice's first ban on motorboats.  It was only for a few hours, but during that time only electric, hybrid, or human-powered vessels were permitted; most of the 7000 or so registered craft were not. Why the ban?  To highlight the effect of exhaust fumes in damaging the … Continue reading Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)


A Fish Out of Water (Venezia 83)

Unconsciously following the route that Aurelio Zen takes when returning to his native city, I encountered not the "wedge-shaped campo", but an altogether differently shaped opening, with an altogether different piece of Venetian building at the other side.  What purpose the stilts that supported the upper floor?  Even Acqua Alta does not justify such a … Continue reading A Fish Out of Water (Venezia 83)